Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week #3

The Week in Instagram @Back2Blanc & @Shes_LeesFall Nail Polishes// Random Selfie w/ my new NARS Matte Lipstick//Alexa Chung's book "IT" and a repurchase of my MAC Foundation// Early Birthday Michele Watch
The Week in B2B Posts: Winter Polishes
Product Pick of the Week: My Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick is literally the best! I use it everyday, before I put on my foundation. It hides all redness, pimples, anything that you don't want people to see on your face. It has a creamy, thick texture that helps cover those pesky blemishes. 
This Weeks Must Watch: James Franco and Seth Rogan are incredibly funny. Have all of you seen/heard Kanye's new song/video "Bound2"? If you have then go check out "Bound3" by James and Seth. You will die from laughter.

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