Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Favorites: Bloggers and Vloggers

This year I finally found the blogs that truly inspire me to keep blogging and provide richer content to my followers. Each one has interesting posts and are filled with tons of info!


Amy Scheepers is a blogger and photographer living in South Africa. All her photos and outfits are light and beautiful. I love staring at them for hours.... 

Kate gives the most info on any beauty product you can think of. She's literally the Queen of beauty, whether it has to do with skin care, make up, nails or hair.

Betty is a French fashion blogger that can pull of any style. Her outfits are different, but go together beautifully. 

Becca is very popular on Tumblr and thats actually where I discovered her blog! She's 17, just like me and loves fashion and costume design! 

Everyone probably knows Chiara's blog. She's become a super famous fashion blogger from Italy. She travels everywhere and documents her outfits and trips on her blog.  

Sara is another fashion blogger. I wish I could steal her closet, she has the cutest clothes and the most put together outfits.

Jules. I actually want her life, her clothes, and her hair. She travels around the world, designs her own clothes, wears the most beautiful clothes and documents her daily life on her blog. Love.

Suzie. She is my ultimate fave beauty/fashion blog. Her posts are put together, beautifully photographed/produced and are so fun to read. She is a MUST READ in more books. 


I love watching Vivianna's beauty videos. I love her hauls, tutorials, and her advice on beauty products. 

Lily's was the first beauty YouTube I ever subscribed to. She knows what she's talking about and thats what I love about her. 

I love love love Zoella! Even though her videos aren't only about beauty or fashion, I still love her. She's so bubbly, beautiful, and just fun to watch. lol

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