Monday, July 15, 2013

Music Monday- BB Brunes

Soo today I would like you guys to meet a French pop-rock band called the BB Brunes. Adrien Gallo, Félix Hemmen, Karim Réveillé, Bérald Crambes are pretty hot if you ask me (but I love french guys). Adrien is the lead singer and also plays the guitar, Félix also plays the guitar, Karim is on the drums and Bérald is on bass guitar.
 If you watched the movie LOL you probably heard one of their songs "Cul & Chemise" (thats how I found them). Most of their music is influenced by music punk and rock groups from the 1960s and 1970s and also by  The Strokes, Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles, and David Bowie. Most of their lyrics are in French, but its so catchy. 

This is their a song they just released!

My favorite song by them

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