Friday, June 14, 2013

New & Notable- Summer Fun

Givenchy "Black Satin" Mascara
NARS "Orgasm" Crème Blush
Benefit "Flatter Me" Crème Eyeshadow
Stila "Raisin" Lip Glaze (gloss)
Stila "Berry" Convertible Eyeshadow or Eyeliner
NARS "Laguna" Bronzer
NARS "Deep Throat" Blush
MAC "Cremesheen" Lip Stick  
NARS "Danmari" Cheek Palette

I've kinda gone on an NARS addiction lately. Especially when it comes to their bronzers and blushes. A friend of mine, Mikayla, let me borrow a lot of her NARS products that she doesn't use as much, to use and eventually buy my own. My number one favorite NARS product that I've used so far is the Laguna bronzer and the Danmari cheek palette. The cheek palette comes with 6 different colors,
"Hungry-Heart Duo (II) which is a soft highlighter with a pinch of sparkle.
"Casino" is very dark highlighter or bronzer, I haven't used it yet and I don't think I will because its to dark for my skin type.
Then theres NARS' most popular blush color, "Orgasm", which has the perfect amount of pink for any skin tone.
After that there is "Super Orgasm", a more sparkley, night out blush that is very similar to "Orgasm" (duh)
"Desire" is a bright pink, very summery blush thats good for everyday, but could be worn at night. Be careful not to put to much on your cheeks, its really bright!
"Sin" is a dark purple with a hint of sparkle. Its gorgeous for night wear its really light on the skin, but like "Desire" don't go crazy with it.

So I'm also borrowing Mikayla's Benefit Creme eyeshadow in "Flatter Me", which is a cute, small smudge pot. Its a kind of pinkish purple, champaign color and really works well when you apply it with your fingers. It has a little bit of moister to it, but when you apply it to your eyelids it looks beautiful.

You guys all know that I am head over heels in love with all MAC products, so when I get a new MAC lipstick why would I ever hate it?! I bought MAC's "Cremesheen" lipstick for prom 2 weeks ago (sorry I didn't post any pictures, I will soon). "Cremesheen" is a very light pink. Its super creamy on your lips and unlike some lipsticks gives a little shine. It has an absolutely wonderful smell, just like all of MAC's products. Its a must.

My first Givenchy product ever is their "Black Satin" Mascara. It's rounded brush separates and lengthens each lash individually, making your eyelashes a beautiful as ever. Theres not much to say about this mascara and about Givenchy in general, but it is definitely a good get.

Stila products are always the best. Especially for eyes. I just got their "Raisin" lip glaze and "Berry" eyeshadow/eyeliner. The lip glaze has a hint of sparkle, but is a bit to sticky. I use the "Berry" eyeshadow/eyeliner as an eyeliner most of the time. I think its too dark for my eyelids. Both Stila products are a purplish color and are bold colors for this summer.

Thats all for my New & Notable post! I hope you liked it!

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