Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forgive & Forget

We all learn something everyday, sometimes big and sometimes small, but all have a giant impact on us in some way. I learned probably the most important lesson this week, to forgive and forget, more like forget and forgive. Yes, that seems like its something hard to do but if you really care about someone and they care about you, it works out. I've also learned that the forgetting part is a long and hard process. We have to understand why that person did what they did, put ourselves in their shoes and try hard to understand how they felt.   Once we understand why they acted the way they acted we need to figure out what we did to make them react that way, thats the hardest part. After you do that you have to gather up the courage to say sorry and to forgive them. The forgiving part may sound easy but the question is do you really forgive them? Is it really going to be like the it was before? Yes and No. If you try hard enough to reestablish that relationship then it has the potencial to be even better then before, but if you dont fully forgive that person or he doesn't fully forgive you, then that may lead to more bumps in the road and maybe the relationship was just not ment to be. Its hard. Everything in life is so hard to understand and deal with but in the end I promise you that everything will be okay in the end.

xoxo L

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