Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 3: DIY's

So girls, guys, whoever is reading I know I didn't post the rest of my skin care posts so I'm just going to start back from here. So I was looking up really cool DIY's to show you and I saw some that had to do with ice and milk and salt...interesting stuff like that. So I decided that I'll write about two that I thought were the most interesting.


Yeah, I know its winter you skin is already freezing cold, but did you know that icing your skin helps circulation as well as ward off wrinkles? Here are a few tricks on the wonders ice can do for your skin. 

Shrink A Zit
Holding ice on a pesky pimple is a no-fuss way to get the red out. Ice decreases inflammation, and can even relieve the pain associated with acne. Wrap a cube in a ziplock baggie (a rough towel can break tender skin), hold against the affected area for five to ten minutes, and tell that zit to chill!

De-Puff Eyes
Rough night? Reach for an ice cube while you wait for your morning coffee to brew. Wrapping a cube in a washcloth and holding over the eyes can reduce early morning puffiness, and make you look and feel more alert. For a stronger effect, freeze cubes of caffeinated black tea, or store sliced cucumbers on ice to keep you feeling fresh.

Prime Skin
Before patting on foundation, run an ice cube over your face, focusing on areas with enlarged pores. The cold water will cause pores to reduce in size and minimize their appearance under makeup. Icing these areas before your application of a primer can yield extra-smooth results fit for an ice queen.

Scrub Away
For a skin-brightening pick-me-up, make a DIY icy scrub by blending fruits or veggies (like cucumber, strawberries or mango) with water and freezing in ice cube trays. Once frozen, gently rub a fruity cube over your face as part of your weekly facial. The chunky texture will exfoliate as the ice melts into a juicy slush.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt's beneficial properties have to do with its naturally occurring mineral compound of sulphate and magnesium. The former helps flush toxins, and the latter calms inflammation. Here are three DIY beauty treatments with Epsom (which you can buy pretty much anywhere) to get your whole body smooth and summer-ready.

There’s not a more inexpensive or easy addition to your exfoliating routine than this. Epsom crystals are smooth and gently abrasive, so they work on delicate facial skin. Simply add a 1/2 teaspoon to your favorite cleansing cream or lotion and gently massage all over your face in small circles. Use twice once or twice a week. That’s it!

In this recipe, the caffeine from the coffee in this scrub with help stimulate and constrict blood vessels for a tighter appearance. Tip: Use it before you crack open the self-tanning bottle for a more even application.
You need:
4 oz. Epsom salt
4 oz. coffee grounds
1 tsp. eucalyptus oil
Sesame oil to form a smooth paste (amount will vary; we used about 3 oz.)

Mix the Epsom salt with the coffee grounds in a bowl, then add both oils and stir well until the mixture is paste-like. In the shower, wet your body and use a palmful to scrub your entire body. This works best if you scrub for a few minutes, standing away from the water. Rinse well. Instant glow!

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