Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To: Hair Growth

Can we talk about hair for a minute? Can we talk about how I just got a hair cut a month ago and hate it now because its too short. The other day, while I was procrastinating on Tumblr (as usual) I saw this picture of Vanessa Hudgens and her friends. Her hair was literally so beautiful and I wish I could have it. Like who wouldn't want it. 

Right after I saw this picture, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I started to research how I can grow my hair out as fast as possible and while researching I decided that I'd share the info I learned with all of you!

Are you eating a healthy diet? If not, then start. If you want to your hair to grow into long lushes locks (exaggeration) then you have to start eating healthy. For your hair to grow well, you need a ton of different things: iron, zinc, vitamin D, and the entire vitamin B complex, just to name a few. For example, do you remember those Flintstones gummy vitamins you use to eat when you were a kid? Well guess what, those things helped not only our bodies grow strong, but our hair too! But before you go buying 10 bottles, there are other ways for you to get those vitamins in a healthier and yummier way. Drink carrot smoothies. Eat pumpkin seeds. Get some iron in your body, eat some steak! Chocolate and avocado help too!

For those of you that are inpatient and have the money, the #1 problem fixer for your "short hair" struggle are extensions. If y'all are okay with clipping/gluing/ect on fake hair to your head and spending up to $4000 (lol whattt?!) 

Another way to make you hair seem longer and more healthy is to treat it nicely. I know that I'm the last one to give advice on how you should treat your hair nicely, because I am the one that literally straightens my hair almost everyday...(btw one of my New Years resolutions is to take care of my hair!) But in order for your hair to grow healthily and happily is if you don't heat style your hair 24/7. I'm not saying that you should ban straighteners and blow dryers from your house, but only use them every once in a while. Another way for your hair to look healthy is to use hair masks. You can either buy them or make them at home (its a fun DIY)! Hair masks leave your hair feeling extra silky smooth and who doesn't want that!?

I hope this advice will help some of you, because I know I'm going to start using a lot of it!
xx Leehe

Photo Creds: Mathea Millman & Tumblr

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