Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello 2014!

Man oh man, December ended quick and so did 2013. Last year was a reckless roller coaster filled with events that were hard to bear, but I pushed through them. I've gotta say, 2013 kinda sucked, but I did learn some new things that benefitted myself and the people around me.

I learned which of my friends would stick with me through better and for worse, I learned that the way I present myself helps me feel good about myself, but also how I act around other people, and I also learned that I don't need things to make me happy, I should be thankful for everything I already have and everyone around me. I've also started my blog late last year hoping that through words and photographs I could express myself and share my opinions with the world and it truly did help.

2014 is a fresh new page. Its a new start. A clean slate. I can change who I am now and strive to be the person I wish to be this coming year. I'm so excited to start this year and I truly think that I've started it on the right foot. My hopes for my blog this year is to maintain it more regularly than I do now and to give you more insight of my daily life (even though I'm in school). I'm really hoping that sometime this year I'll gain the courage to start a Youtube channel where I can post videos of beauty/fashion advice and hauls and just talk with you guys about random stuff. I'm really excited for this new year and I hope that I keep all my promises!

Welcome 2014!
xx Leehe


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