Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sparkle Sweater




Yes, the title does say sweater... No, I am not crazy and I know that its Summer, but it really doesn't feel like it here in Marin (for my international followers Marin County is across the Golden Gate Bridge). The highest it was this week was in the 70's which sucks.... a lot. Sooo enough about the weather, lets talk about what I'm wearing. The sweater is from H&M last season. Its kinda itchy, but its a toll I'm willing to take for such a cute sweater. My shorts aren't really mine... I kinda stole them from a friend and I'm deciding whether or not I want to give them back (sorry jazz)! 

I'm Wearing....
Sweater- H&M
Shorts- True Religion
Shoes- Converse 

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