Thursday, August 29, 2013

New & Noteworthy

These are my new beauty buys as of 2 weeks ago. Sorry for taking a while to post this. I just started junior year (in high school) and I got super busy from day 1. On to my makeup buys! 

I bought Sephora Favorites "Give Me Some Lip" Set, which is a little box of Sephora's best selling lip products from different brands. It includes a Fresh "Sugar Rose" Tinted Lip TreatmentLaura Mercier Lip GlacĂ© in "Bare Pink"Buxom Full On Lip Polish in "Dolly"NARS Lip Gloss in "Turkish Delight"Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in "Rhubarb", and Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in "Glitzy"

I haven't tried them all, but right now my favorites are the Tarte Lip Luster, Buxom Lipgloss and the Sugar Rose. I haven't tried the NARS lip gloss yet, but a friend of mine told me that its very sticky, which I'm not so happy about, but we'll see. I also haven't tried out the Laura Mercier lipgloss, but it smells good so I'm excited to try it on. I'll write another post about the one lip product I liked the most out of them all soon. 

Tarte Lip Luster in "Glitzy"- Its a purplish- pink color. Its a bit sheer on the lips, but if you overly apply it, you can get a deeper color. It smells really good and also has a slight glitter to it, but I barely noticed it when I put it on. Its also very moisturizing on the lips, so it works a little like a lip balm, which I love! 
Buxom LipGloss in "Dolly"- I have another Buxom lipgloss in a light pink, that I kinda stole from a friend, I forgot the name, but I love it. If you haven't tried Buxom lip glosses, your missing out, unless you don't like it when your lips start tingling (hehe). What the lip gloss does is create a look of more plump and full lips. It has Vitamins A and E, which helps keep your lips soft and moisturized. Its very shimmery, especially this color, so I would wear it more a night, when I go out or something. I love it!

Fresh Sugar Rose- If you have an account with Sephora, you probably know that every year on your birthday you are sent a small tester of the Sugar lip treatment. What it does is moisturize and heal chapped lips, while making your lips look as healthy as ever! I have both the original and the rose scented lip balm, but I prefer the original more. Rose sent is a bit to strong for me. 

Real Techniques 4-pc Core Collection- Best. Brushes. In. The. World. I am truly in love with these brushes, especially the bluffer brush. This collection come with a Bluffer Brush, Contouring Brush, Foundation Brush, and a Detailing Brush (in that order). Its my first real set of brushes and I was really excited about them. I heard Vivanna and Lily talk about them a ton, so I said why not. I use the Bluffer Brush to apply my liquid foundation, because it spreads the foundation evenly on my skin, unlike some foundation brushes I've used. I love using the Contouring Brush when I apply highlighter. Its absolutely perfect.

Maybelline New York Big Eye Mascara- Yes, I bought the new Maybelline Big Eye mascara. Yes, I thought it would make my eyes look bigger. No, it didn't make my eyes look bigger, but it made my lashes longer and fuller, which I love love love. It has a two brushes, a thicker brush for your top lashes and a thinner brush for you bottom lashes. Both do an excellent job at being mascara. I love this product. It took over for my Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara.

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