Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Los Angeles

Los Angeles. One of the most magical cities. Home of the many famous landmarks of California. My family and I decided that it was time for another road trip to LA. We gathered up our belongings, stuffed them into the car, bought tons of junk food, blasted music (especially Blurred Lines) and went on our way. Coming from a  Jewish-Persian family, whats the one place where everything is Kosher? Pico St! We legit ate as much as we could, it was amazing. If your ever traveling to LA you have to stop by one of the best burger places, Jeff's Burgers. Its actually the best burger you will ever eat and they're kosher! Other than food, we shopped until we dropped (not even kidding). Century City. The Grove. Rodeo and Beverly Dr. Shopping shopping shopping. There was an adorable boutique on Beverly Dr. called "A Sweet". It's very classy and girly, truly sweet. Not only does it sell the top brands, but also candy! The owner always dreamed of creating a store that combined her two loves, clothes and candy. Its a must see. 

Century City Mall is like a regular mall, giant movie theater, lots of stores, nothing special. The Grove though, wow, the Topshop that they opened there was amazing. I was so overwhelmed by how much there could be. I didn't buy anything which was really stupid of me, but Topshop is always one of the tabs I have when I'm online shopping. I bought a few things on my trip to Los Angeles and I'll be sure to write posts on how fab they are all (lol not really). Catch you babes later! 
xx Leehe

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