Friday, July 19, 2013

APPerfect App For You

APPerfect APP For You.
Whether it's photo editing to addicting games here are my Top Favorite Apps that I think you'll love based on category. 

Social Media
1.Facebook (duhh)
5.Bloglovin (for all my fellow bloggers)

Utilities/Life Style
1.Teen Vogue Insider (Great way for us teens to gain bonus features from each new issue of their magazine!)
2.AboutMyStyle App (I wrote a blog post on their website and then found the app on iTunes)
3.Cinemark (The way this app works is that when you turn on Cinemode during a movie you get a special surprise after the movie is over and you turn it off!)
5.Shazam (listening to a song you've never heard before? Shazam it!)
6.8tracks (Specialized playlists made by you, just for you.) 


3.Squaready (perfectly adjust your photos for Instagram)
4.A Beautiful Mess (girly effects, texts, and stickers to add to your photos)
6.PhotoStudio (got this app just for the 3-D effect that it has, check out Kylie Jenner's pic on Instagram

1.Temple Run (Any version 1 or 2 even the Disney version)
2.Bejeweled Blitz (I can't believe its not a popular game, legit so addictive!)
Yes, that is a cat with laser eyes.

3.Candy Crush (this is a fun game, but when you reach a level you cant beat it just gets annoying)
4.Where's My Water (Pretty fun game, but got kinda tired of it)
5.Solitaire (Such a classic game....)

Most of these apps are free on the iTunes App store. If you have apps that you guys think are good and I haven't talked about in this post tell me about them! Comment about how you liked this post and if I should write more posts like this! Happy Friday!

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