Thursday, May 16, 2013

Music Fashion Versus Versace

New York. The new line of Versace, Versus is revealed for the first time ever at a rave on Lexington Avenue Armory. Musicians such as Angel Haze, L.A. rockers Dead Sara, and Canadian singer Grimes. The event was held in the same space where Marc Jacobs and Victoria Secret hold their shows, but was made to look darker and more like a warehouse. Backstage was open for everyone to see, only glass separated them from the audience throughout the show. 

The designers of Versace's "sister" line, Donatella Versace and Jonathan Anderson two totally different designers: Donatella added more sexiness to the Versus line while Anderson added the edgy, sculptured look to the line. Each designer taught one another something new about each others designs, which create these fab new looks. 


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